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Monday, December 13, 2004

 One year anniversary of Saddam's capture

One year ago today, on December 13th 2003, American forces seized Saddam after eight months on the run. Bush and the neocons predicted that the deposed president's arrest would stop guerrilla activity among his supporters in the Sunni Arab minority.

This prediction, like every other one coming from the mouths of these incompetents, has proven to be wrong. Violence has gone on unabated and the death rate among US troops has actually risen since Saddam was dragged from a hideout dug in farmland near his home town of Tikrit. In the past 365 days an additional 864 American soldiers have died, and Saddam is on a hunger strike to protest ill treatment.

Today, one year later, a suicide car bomber killed at seven Iraqis at an entrance to Baghdad's Green Zone government and US diplomatic compound.

And, just in case you are deluding yourself into thinking we will be leaving Iraq any time soon, check out all the new permanent military bases and long-term military encampments now under construction.


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