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Saturday, December 11, 2004

 Explaining the dearth of Republicans in academia

In light of recent studies finding that Democrats vastly outnumbered Republicans among professors at leading universities, I just have one response to all the conservatives who are spazzing out while sanctimoniously dissing academia for its liberal bias:

"Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah! We are smarter than you are!"

Isn't this finding a vindication? These studies show that some of the best-educated, most-informed people in the country overwhelmingly reject the reTHUGlican version of reality. Of course, the reTHUGlican noise machine has already succeeded in framing this issue as an indictment of academia, rather than as an indictment of the Republican Party, which is why we are being told that the only reason profs lean so far to the left is that deans, administrators and entire university cultures systematically discriminate against conservatives.

Sound the alarm! Liberal commie biochemistry departments everywhere are suppressing conservative biochemists!


I did the grad school thing, and frankly I've never met a Republican that wanted to be a professor. My republican friends (I have many) would rather make money than live a challenging intellectual life.


Blogger OMM said...

That's odd. I always thought that academics were liberals because it looked good on paper. That meaning, that the concept of socialism (just to take liberalism to an end) worked on paper, therefore academic egg-heads naturally gravitated towards it…one of those things where, in the “real world” it doesn’t work.

Important to note, as well, that my fiancée (PHD) and I (MBA) both are working on becoming university professors…. Oh, and we’re Republican as well.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

So...becoming a professor is the only intellectual career?

And making money and using your brain are mutually exclusive?


11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMM If you gave a more stereotypical wannabie speudintellectual conservative response the universe would implode due the mass of the blackhole made of pure bullshit

11:43 AM  
Blogger Veritas said...

OMM, first of all, as an MBA, you've proven that you prefer to think more about dollars and cents as opposed to benefiting mankind, supporting the above statement. As far as understanding liberalism, you've got it all wrong. Anyone can point out that anything taken to a radical enough extreme will not work. For example, the concept of Fascism (which is SIMPLY conservativism taken a little bit farther to an end) should theoretically work. Extreme social structures must always operate given a certain number of assumptions. In socialism, you assume that there are no greedy people. This can be found in small communities where communism works fine, but the prevalence of greed in large communities, i.e. countries, is what make socialism an impracticality on a national level. Returning to the concept of Fascism (again, this is simply conservativism taken to an end), it makes the general assumptions that there won't be any conscientious objectors to the methods of the government regardless of what that government does. This political construct works fine on paper, but as soon as a significant number of people get involved it falls apart. I personally see an interesting antithical relationship between the two. Socialism is brought down by greed and Fascism is brought down by people questioning the government and challenging to do what's right. QED.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Veritas said...

OMM: You met your fiancee' in a Managerial Accounting class...doesnt that just prove further the point made above, that both of you as conservatives are more interested in money than exhibiting altruism?

This is not the only intellectual career, but it is one that is almost exclusively driven by altruism.

Again, making money can be done intellectually, but frequently, it can only be done if your goal is to make money. If looking to help people is your singular philosophy, most of the time, money is right out. Psychology and Medicine are two exceptions which come to mind, but for most people I know in those fields (as a pharmacologist at a large state university), the money is definitely secondary to the desire to help people, because there are easier ways to make money than to have to work 36 hour shifts with people puking on you and having to stick your finger in people's anuses or having hour long conversations with people who think the mafia is run by their pet cat. Those easier ways, coincidentally, are frequently attained through MBA programs.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Electro said...

Gee I always heard that those who can...do, those who can't...teach. I wonder who invented that computer you are using. Not a Prof! Though they are great at writing about how it has affected mankind. Big Deal! Oh and Edison one of the greatest inventors of all time made it through the 3rd grade, then went on to invent the adding machine.

2:51 PM  

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