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Friday, December 10, 2004

 Faith-based harrassment

Officials with the Boulder Valley (Colorado) School District are investigating a charter school where some parents say their children have been targeted for religious harassment by classmates:
The mother of the suicidal girl told the Daily Times-Call newspaper said her daughter was singled out because she is tall and openly rejected creationism. She said the girl endured shoulder checks, tripping in the hall and other physical abuse.

The mother said that on Nov. 30, a group of girls surrounded her daughter and called her a "pagan" and said she "would burn in hell." Later that night, she refused to return to the school and her mother protested.

"she just grabbed the kitchen knife and just started slicing her arm," said the mother, who was not identified by the newspaper.

Louise Benson said her son - who is no longer at the school - suffered intense religious bullying by fundamentalist Christian students.

"Non-Christian children are viciously bullied for their different beliefs, and the perpetrators are not disciplined at all," Benson said."

Welcome to the Amerikkka you voted for.


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