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Thursday, December 09, 2004

 DeLay seeks to jail those who filed ethics complaint

The gaul of this sorry excuse for a human is breathtaking. Tom DeLay is seeking to have the group which filed an ethics complaint against him found in contempt of Congress:
The complaint resulted in DeLay being admonished by the Ethics Committee on three separate occasions, which the House leader brushed aside. House Republicans have also moved to protect DeLay by passing a provision which will allow him to continue to serve as leader if he is indicted in a campaign finance scandal that took place on his watch in Texas.

DeLay’s attorney, instead, finds that those who filed the complaint – former Rep. Chris Bell (D-TX) and the Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – acted with “contempt for the law” (emphasis in original).

“Representative Bell and CREW have demonstrated contemptuous behavior toward the House and the Committee by improperly obstructing and interfering with the legislative process,” Bethune wrote to House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. David Dreier, “and by libeling a Member in the process.”

CREW’s Executive Director Melanie Sloan scoffed at the complaint...

The 33-page letter, penned by DeLay’s private attorney, Ed Bethuneis, is here.


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