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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

 Reports of rampant voter fraud and intimidation pouring in


New Hampshire: GOP breaks law to trick voters into thinking robocalls come from Dems.

Tenn: African Americans are getting phone calls telling them if they voted for Harold Ford Jr. in the August primary, they don't need to vote for him again now.

Election Fraud Suspected In Utah. Four Times The Population Registered To Vote.

Virginians getting false phone calls telling them they can't vote or that their voting place has changed or that they'll be arrested if they show up to vote tomorrow. With audio.

Jim Webb files DOJ complaint against GOP in VA. Claims organized GOP effort to suppress Democratic vote, including calls to citizens claiming they will be arrested if they vote.

San Diego County Registrar Assigns High School Students as Touchscreen Inspectors! Sends Thousands of Hackable Diebold Machines Home with the Students on 'Sleepovers' for Weeks on End!

Florida Candidate Finds Unattended Voting Machines in Pinnelas County.

Indiana: Canidate for Marion County prosecutor may have broken the law with his robocalls.

MD: Steele (R) supporters print flyer to make it look like their candidate is a Democrat.

Fraudulent electioneering calls hit Washington State.

Electronic voting machine problems frazzled voters and election workers in dozens of precincts as the polls opened Tuesday, delaying voters in Indiana and Ohio and leaving some in Florida with little choice but turn to paper ballots instead.

NRCC targetting 20 candidates with illegal phonecalls by FCC standards (TPM Muckracker with FEC listings).


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