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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

 Your fundie neighbor planning a brainwashing assault on your children tonight

Check out the latest fundie bullshit regarding Halloween:
Bruce Watters used to simply hand out candy on Halloween, just like his neighbors in St. Petersburg, Fla., until he decided the holiday's ghoulishness really didn't jibe with his Christian beliefs.

But rather than skip the neighborhood ritual, he's put a Christian stamp on it. For the third year in a row, kids will leave his porch with a piece of candy, plus a religious tract - a concise, colorful handout telling how to attain salvation through Jesus Christ.

It is your solemn humanistic duty, Dear Reader, to TP the house of anyone abusing your children like this. Alternatively, print some copies of the Humanist Manifesto and hand them back to your fundie neighbors!


Blogger CR UVa said...

Abuse? You have a funny definition of the word abuse. As a parent, you can always take anything away from the kid (within reason to be sure). TPing a house is rather juvenile, and handing out the Humanist Manifesto is simply a knee-jerk reaction and petty vengence.

All I can say to you sure do seem to concern yourself with some thing that you would have a lot of conrtol over. I do not know if you have kids now or will in the future, but it would be truly interesting to see how you would interact with them if they were ever to become Christian. And do not try to tell me it could never happen, because it has happened in odder situations.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Nanovirus said...

Ah yes, how I love pointing out conservative double standards... handing out xtian tracts is harmless, but handing out humanist tracts is petty vengeance.

I myself was raised Catholic; my children are growing up Unitarian. They will be intelligent enough to choose their own paths. I would urge caution on how you raise your own kids. If you merely teach them to do as they are told (by a book, priest, etc) that is all they will know how to do as adults. It isn't atheists that get seduced by cults: it is the feverently religious.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous TrvlnMn said...

I'm not a christian at all. But that's a great idea for Halloween! Pass out one of those creepy "you're going to hell" jack chick bible tracks with the the candy. Some of those things are worse than the holidays they protest against.

When I was a kid someone gave me a few of them and I had nightmares for weeks. So naturally now the idea appeals to my warped sensibilities.

Maybe next year. I generally skip the kiddie holidays. Hope yours is a good one though.

3:36 PM  

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