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Thursday, April 21, 2005

 Bush congratulates Pope Palpatine I

Bush sends his congrats to Ratzinger:
[A]s two dudes who are firmly committed to building a bridge back to the 13th Century, me and Veinydick agree on lots of stuff.

For instance, based on his record of virulently anti-gay rhetoric, I am totally confident that Pope Veinydick will stand up to the homos – which I think is especially admirable coming from a guy who looks like the anal love child of Zell Miller and that Beretta guy.

This new Pope also understands that the fight for the life of one white Florida vegetard who'd been declared mentally dead fifteen years ago is worth way more than the lives of thousands of Nigras in the Sudan, Mooooslim children in Bahgdad, or the five million juveniles in the wealthiest nation on earth who can't even get basic medical care. And that's the kind of Compassionate Conservatism I groove on.

Yes, that is satire :) Here's some non-satire:

South Africa's Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu expressed disappointment on Wednesday in the choice of Joseph Ratzinger as the new pope, calling him a "rigid conservative" out of step with the times.

Turkey's Daily Sabah and daily Cumhuriyet reported the election the new pope on Tuesday under the headline, "New Pope is anti-Turk," because of Joey Ratz's opposition to Turkey's aspiration to join the European Union because it's an Islamic society.

UPDATED! Check out the Pope Palpatine I photo gallery!


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