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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

 The religious are the moral relativists

Frederick Smith makes a strong case that humanists are more moral than the religious:
As a secular humanist, I often wonder if faith-based-moralizers are capable of morality. Faith of course is basically believing without evidence. It follows then that all faiths are correct, and since many faithful folk cling strongly to their own set of “morals”, and since many faiths directly conflict, it would seem that what's right and what's wrong is indeterminate at best once you step outside and look at humanity as a whole; a type of extreme relative morality.


Anonymous mutant cat said...

Of course religious people are moral relativists. They either do whatever they would do anyway if they didn't believe in their god, or they find something in the bible or whatever book they use to twist and justify their actions, and claiming that it's an absolute, thereby giving it a false kind of respect. More people need to be willing to stand up and say "bullshit!"

11:13 AM  
Blogger lepton said...

wow. i am trying to take a stab at something similar to that very question. (actually i'm trying to develop a philosophy to make branding products easier but along the way i tried applying it to a God-centric moral system)

see all the craziness

11:40 PM  

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