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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

 Harper's hammers Bush cartel

Some factoids from the current Harpers Index underscore a few things I hate about the Bush cartel:
Years since the Justice Department last released the number of U.S. terror suspects taken into "preventive detention": 3

Estimated number of people who have been taken into such detention since then: 4,000...

Estimated value of a diamond-and-sapphire jewelry set given to Laura Bush in 2003 by the Saudi crown prince: $95,500...

Number of House members in 1979 who voted against making Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a national holiday: 133

Number who are still in the House: 9

Number who are Vice President: 1...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Average number of suicides per 100,000 residents in states carried by President Bush in November : 13.5 [Michael Miller, Harvard Medical School (Boston)/Harper's research ]

Average number of suicides in states carried by John Kerry : 9.9

5:35 PM  
Blogger Electro said...

I would have to postulate that Kerry supporter must be more apt to kill themselves when their state went against them than are Bush supporters. Or maybe it doesn't mean a damn thing. My guy lost by a huge margin.

10:45 PM  

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