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Friday, October 01, 2004

 Who won the debate?

Kerry is the consensus winner. In the immediate poll of "who won" Kerry did, beyond the margin of error.

Kerry 44 45 53 51
Bush 26 36 37 41
Unsure 30 17 10 8
It was so bad for W, even Fox couldn't distort and lie. Fox News' political contributors largely agreed that Kerry came out ahead:
"There was a chance that the president would knock Kerry out of the race tonight. ... I think Kerry survived and I think he did pretty well tonight. Kerry was forceful and articulate," said William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard. "Kerry did a pretty good job of making the case that the invasion of Iraq was wrong."

Kondracke said Bush began to stumble as Kerry stopped being nervous and became more forceful. "The president sighed a lot in this debate and he seemed tired," Kondracke said.

Dick Morris said, "Bush was as unfocused, undisciplined, unenergetic ... as he was during the pre-primary debates in 2000." Morris, a strong critic of Kerry's policy positions said, "I got the feeling Bush was distracted; Bush didn't answer questions quickly, and he stumbled all over himself."

Also, check out what all these conservative bloggers are saying, for example:

"While we were all hoping that Bush would defeat Kerry handily tonight and put the election out of reach, we can't be that upset with tonight. Kerry may have even had a slight win..." -- Freepers

You can read the full transcript of the debate here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you look at the on-going CNN and MSNBC Internet polls the gap is even wider: as of 9:45 AM Oct 1st, CNN has Kerry 72% to Bush 21% (over 385,000 votes) while MSNBC has Kerry 63% to Bush 37% (nearly 1,289,000 votes).

9:49 AM  
Blogger Nanovirus said...

True, but those polls aren't scientific. They only reflect the views of people you wish to register an opinion.

10:40 AM  

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