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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

 Satan for Bush

This personal page of Satan is hysterically funny:
HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Human suffering, George W. Bush, James Belushi movies, tag sales, possession, pleated pants, Paris Hilton, hedonism, Benihana, the Dave Hill Show, danger, cock fights, disease, and just evil in general. Also, if there is a craft fair within 100 miles of wherever I am, I will totally make the drive. I tried fly fishing once but everyone got mad at me for talking too much. Something about scaring away the fish. Whatever. And in case you're wondering- I'm not really sure where I stand on Ashlee Simpson just yet but I am hoping mentioning her right now will help people stumble upon my page when they plug her name into a search engine. But anyway, I think there is still so much more to learn about Jessica Simpson that I really don't understand why we had to move on so quickly to her sister. I do love the Olsen twins though, so stop asking....


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