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Monday, September 27, 2004

 Video game puts players in Kerry's virtual swift boat

An upcoming video game lets players re-enact the Swift boat mission in Vietnam that won Sen. John Kerry a Silver Star award for battlefield heroism.

The first-person shooter "Kuma War" uses a ripped-from-the-headlines approach where gamers can download and then relive actual battles, mainly from the current war in Iraq.

Beginning Sept. 30, the "John Kerry" mission will be available for download as an add-on pack for the game, made by New York-based Kuma Reality Games. The Kerry mission is based on the Navy's records of the encounter on Feb. 28, 1969.

Playing as Lt. John Kerry, you lead three Swift boats into enemy fire on the banks of the Mekong Delta. Don't try to turn around and flee _ the game is scripted, so you have no choice but to attack the enemy before they kill you.

Kerry is unaware of the game and had no comment, spokeswoman Allison Dobson told The Associated Press. She said Kerry doesn't play video games.

To be fair and balanced, I think they oughta make a W game. You can play an AWOL George W. Bush avoiding military police while driving (drunk) to the doctor to get your girlfriend an abortion.


Blogger Dave S. said...

That game blows. You have to shoot all the VC in the back and you "die" from minor flesh wounds.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Brinstar said...

Kuma War has fared poorly in the reviews, which I personally feel thankful for. The game allows you to take part in such 'glorious' battles as the Siege of Fallujah or Uday And Qusay’s Last Stand. To re-enact/simulate fairly recent battles seems a little disrespectful. Particularly by families in the fighting. One could argue that a simulation might be a 'tribute', but if the game is utter crap, what kind of tribute would that be? Kuma War was discussed in a community I frequent earlier this year. As for the Kerry swift boat add-on... Whatever. I don't know a single person who has played it. The Video Game Ombudsman had some things to say about it, though.

By the way, I love your blog.

2:01 AM  

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