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Sunday, December 25, 2005

 The Carnival of the Godless Christmas Extravaganza!

Welcome to the Carnival of the Godless Christmas Extravaganza! We have loads of godless goodness for your reading pleasure today. Grab a cup of eggnog and settle into the superstition-free zone.

First off, we have from Ron's Blog, Festivus for the rest of us, where he is working out what to celebrate (or not) as an atheist parent.

And For My Next Trick... is from the common man. TCM provides a brief rant about godly impotence.

Ebon Musings gives us "An Essay on Christmas" which provides a critical analysis of the religious right's paranoid "war on Christmas" meme and a study of what the holiday season should really mean to an unbeliever.

Over at Pharyngula, PZ Myers presents "True Christians don't do science," where I think he speaks for many of us free-thinkers when he states, "I think it's a bad idea to afflict a society with an institution dedicated to opposing critical thinking, the acceptance of dogma, and belief in unsupported and frankly, ludicrous claims."

EarlyRiser, gives us two posts. The first tracks his views on Christmas with Coming To Terms With Christmas. In the second, he provides his thoughts on being an atheist Republican in an anti-capitalist Unitarian Church, in On Being a Capitalist Unitarian-Universalist.

An exasperated No More Mr. Nice Guy! at No More Mr. Nice Guy! presents Chipmunks roasting on an open fire, where he asks, "Okay, I've had it. Where do I sign up for the war on Christmas(TM)?"

Brent Rasmussen of Unscrewing the Inscutable gives us the humorous, Allegory & Metaphor where he reviews the new furry-porn masterpiece, the "Chronicles of Barnia: the Lion, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe Malfunction". Heh.

In a non-holiday-themed post, Buridan's Ass examines the recent Dover ruling in The Dover Ruling versus Public Opinion. He argues the effectiveness of public opinion for supporting ID in the public sphere was drastically diminished with the Dover ruling.

Ron at God is for Suckers! presents a little allegory about people who come to atheist blogs to witness for Christ, in Can I get a witness?

Mark A. Rayner at The Skwib presents some holiday humor with Ask General Kang: Do you have Santa Claus on your home planet?.

Another humorous port is from Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane's Notables. Check out Bill O'Reilly's Faux War On Christmas Song Parody. Go caroling with your free-thinking relatives!

Richard at Philosophy, et cetera, examines how atheist ethics, "allow for a deeper respect for humanity" in "Positive Atheism: Ethical Stability".

Limerick Savant offers us Season's Bleetings in "Finding Solace in the Solstice".

Coralius at Revolvo Inritus presents a discussion of how fundamentalists tend to mistrust and misunderstand technology and science, and how that feeds back into their fundamentalism, in "Fundamentalism and the Mistrust Of Technology."

David Gross at The Picket Line asks if the secular anti-war movement somehow become as effective as righteously stubborn without getting lost in a tempting garden of balderdash, in If Christianity is neither true nor necessarily helpful, what can activists learn from it?

Keri Hulme, the New Zealand author of "The Bone People," presents "Celebration." Her joie de vivre really shines; check it out.

We have two entries for today's COTG from Goosing the Antithesis. The first, by Francois Tremblay, is entitled, "Christmas is OUR holiday." It explains why the author claims Christmas for atheists everywhere, both in historical grounds and on moral grounds. The second, by Aaron Kinney, is on a lighter note: "You might be a Christian if...".

Socratic Gadfly at The Philosophy of the Socratic Gadfly gives us two thoughtful posts. The first, "Ezra, Meet Snopes" looks at how Photoshopping pictures and distributing them online gives a refutation by analogy to fundamentalists who refuse to believe biblical authors could get anything less than the absolute truth to circulate that quickly. The second, "Genesis 6 retold," provides a skeptical poetic look at the flood myth.

Daniel Morgan from Get Busy Livin', or Get Busy Bloggin' gives us "Master Painter?" which serves as an allegory using the subjectivity of interpretation of art to highlight the absurdity of religious dogmatism.

UberKuh from UberKuh - The Artistic Atheist, in "Something is Wrong with Theists" asks a question burning on all our minds today: what in God's name is wrong with theists?

Finally, I offer my own bumper sticker as a counter to an annoying pin my mother-in-law always wears this time of year.

That's it! Enjoy your Solstice/Saturnalia/Kwanzaa/Christmas/Hannukah/Festivus/Sunday. Remember to begin writing your eulogy today: be kind.

The next Carnival of the Godless will be hosted at Buridan's Ass January 8th, 2006. Send your submissions to cotg-submission@brentrasmussen.com. In addition to writing "COTG Submission" in the subject of the email, please include the following information:
  • The name of the blog where the post is from
  • The post title.
  • The post author's name or handle.
  • The post's permanent link.
  • A short description of the post.


Blogger Angie said...

Oh! Very nice links there! They will keep me busy. :)

3:57 PM  
Blogger coturnix said...

What a great antidote for the day!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous tng said...

What a great roundup of atheist blogging! This will make for excellent reading all weekend.

9:14 PM  
Blogger vjack said...

I actually get a contribution in early for a change, and it isn't included. Oh well.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Mad Kane said...

Great job! Thanks so much for including my song parody!
Mad Kane

1:50 PM  
Blogger Nanovirus said...


I do not recall receiving a submission from you. Let me check with Brent. (My apologies for the long delay in responding -- I have been without Internet access for nine days.)

9:35 PM  
Blogger Nanovirus said...

VJACK: Brent DID receive it but I never got it. My apologies. You should resubmit to the next COTG.

6:06 PM  

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

 Today's quote: Mencken

"The scientist who yields anything to theology, however slight, is yielding to ignorance and false pretenses, and as certainly as if he granted that a horse-hair put into a bottle of water will turn into a snake."

~ H. L. Mencken


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 Season's Greed-ings!

A special message, from Max Affluence, billionaire:

Fellow plunderers,

As the year draws to a close and the holidays arrive, we at Billionaires For Bush like to look back at the good times we·ve had, and count our blessings -- which, in our case, are so numerous as to be almost embarrassing -- but not quite.

** It's a Class War, and We·re Really Winning! **

$ Congress practices innovative form of fiscal "discipline": slashing programs for the poor to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy!

In a brave simulacrum of leadership, our legislators in Congress stripped funding from services for students, the elderly and the poor in order to provide even more tax cuts and giveaways to the super-rich. "Mom and Pop" mega-corporations like Wal-Mart and Bechtel get a share of the loot, and Christmas will also bring greater legal protections for giant pharmaceutical companies! Merck execs, go here to find out more.

$ What do you give the industry that has everything? How about acres and acres of irreplaceable pristine wilderness?

The original bill giving Big Oil carte blanche to drill in the National Artic Wildlife Refuge didn't survive a direct vote in the Senate, but don't count us out yet-- there's a little stocking stuffer in the Defense Appropriations Bill! More oil profits for us, and we get to jettison the old ball and chain of representative democracy at the same time. Wash that poison pill down with a big gulp of nog, senators! Oligarchs, go here for more info, and don't forget to reserve your official White House caribou-skin coat compliments of ExxonMobil today.

** Looks like it'll be a Happy New Year after all -- for some of us, anyway.**

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$ Also keep in mind that November of 2006 is just around the corner.

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 Conservative scholars argue Bush’s wiretapping is impeachable offense

The Chimperor is all alone on this one:
Conservative scholars Bruce Fein and Norm Ornstein argued yesterday on The Diane Rehm show that, should Bush remain defiant in defending his constitutionally-abusive wire-tapping of Americans (as he has indicated he will), Congress should consider impeaching him.

Listen to The Diane Rehm show here, especially the segment that begins at 33:40.


Blogger Reverend Bob said...

I agree - he should be impeached. It's bad enough that misuse of Executive Orders and the ahem, Patriot Act violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights but the fact that he wasn't even willing to use Secret Judges for his snooping into Gay Rights and Anti-war groups shows his utter contempt for the rules of this country. BTW - great journal, I appreciate the effort that goes into this because I burned out on beating this drum a while ago.

12:34 PM  

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

 Carnival of the Godless needs submissions!

I only have FIVE submissions for the Carnival of the Godless Christmas Extravaganza! Come on, people! Tis the season to piss off a fundie!

Do your part by sending your submission to cotg-submission@brentrasmussen.com. In addition to writing "COTG Submission" in the subject of the email, please include the following information:

  • The name of the blog where the post is from
  • The post title
  • The post author's name or handle
  • The post's permanent link
  • A short description of the post


Blogger vjack said...

Okay, I'll get one in. I was going to write a new Cashmas-specific post, but I probably won't make the carnival deadline.

11:09 AM  

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 New bumper sticker!

Shoutouts to WabiSabi for the quote!


Blogger mathyoo said...

the best one I've heard is:

"remember the reason for the season"

"you mean profit?"

2:26 AM  
Anonymous pablo said...

Your bumper sticker warms my heart! Very clever and so true.

9:36 AM  

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 Sanity enforced on Dover

Enlightenment 1, New Dark Age 0:
'Intelligent design' cannot be mentioned in biology classes in a Pennsylvania public school district, a federal judge said Tuesday, ruling in one of the biggest courtroom clashes on evolution since the 1925 Scopes trial.


Blogger AdNihilo said...

With Science trumping superstitious Pseudo-Sciences like ID, will Pat Robertson condemn the entire state of PA in the name of his imaginary skygod instead of just Dover?

10:58 AM  

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Friday, December 16, 2005

 Why 30,000 Iraqi war dead is so far off

April Hurley, MD: NPR Swallows Bush Guestimate on Iraqi Dead: "This proposes a mortality rate for Iraqis from combat alone that is lower than Washington D.C.'s homicide rate during the year of the latest stats, 2002. A war zone also safer than Baltimore, Detroit and New Orleans before Katrina."


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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

 Xbox 360 file system cracked

Well that didn't take long:
The Xbox 360's DVD file system has been exposed, a coding group calling itself Pi, has claimed.... [I]t is likely to provide the foundation for work seeking to attack the content protection put in place by Microsoft.

According to the Pi people, the Xbox 360's file-system is essentially the same as the one employed by its predecessor console: "Once you get past the protections and down to the raw bits on the disc, its just the standard xboxdvdfs, however the offset and layer breakpoint are different."


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

 Carnival of the Godless #29

Wow, this time of year really brings the godless out in droves. Who'da thunk it? Check it out for yourself over at the latest Carnival of the Godless at Unscrewing the Inscrutable.

The next COTG will be the Christmas Extravaganza on December 25th, 2005, right here at Nanovirus! Send your submissions to cotg-submission@brentrasmussen.com. In addition to writing "COTG Submission" in the subject of the email, please include the following information:

  • The name of the blog where the post is from
  • The post title
  • The post author's name or handle
  • The post's permanent link
  • A short description of the post


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Friday, December 09, 2005

 Blessed are the torturers

JC Christian, Patriot, sums it up:


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 The war on Winter Solstice

There is a war on Winter Solstice.

For thousands of years humanity had celebrated the beginning of days getting longer in a peaceful and celebratory manner:
The Romans honored Saturn, the ancient god of agriculture, each year beginning on December 17 in a festival called the Saturnalia. This festival lasted for seven days and included the winter solstice, which at that time fell on December 25 (today, following calendar reform, it falls on December 21). During Saturnalia the Romans feasted, postponed all business and warfare, exchanged gifts, and temporarily freed their slaves. With the lengthening of daylight, these and other winter festivities continued through January 1, the festival of Kalends, when Romans marked the day of the new moon and the first day of the month and religious year (the secular year began in March).

By the 4th century another factor was also at work. Many Romans also celebrated the solstice on December 25 with festivities in honor of the rebirth of Sol Invictus, the "Invincible Sun God," or with rituals to glorify Mithra, the ancient Persian god of light...

No longer. There is a war on.

Historians generally agree that the Cult of Christ started the War on Solstice. They began by coopting the symbols of this most ancient of celebrations: holly, evergreen trees and the Yule log. Those cultists even moved the date of their god's birth from summer to winter! Moreover, they outright plagarized the story of how the greek god Dionysus was born in a cave in the presence of three shepherds.

You might think humanity would be pissed, but you know what? Nobody really gave a damn. Oh, those silly christers would have you think otherwise, but Winter Solstice was a time of diverse celebration all over the planet. What did the rest of us care if one more faith was participating? A Roman might shout "Io, Saturnalia!" [io, pronounced "yo"] to another Roman, while all over Persia cheerful greetings of "Merry Mithras" rang out. Jewish peoples could wish each other a "Happy Hannaukah," and Christians could say, "Merry Christmas" to one another.

Of course, once large migrations and interminglings of various faiths began, such greetings had their limits. Wishing a Merry Christmas in 1950s Brooklyn was bound to get you as many strange looks as wishing the ancient Persians a Happy Saturnalia.

No matter: customs quickly evolved to convey Winter Solstice greetings. For example, while it remained customary for one Christian to say Merry Christmas to another, to a stranger it was considered more thoughtful to say "Season's Greetings," or "Happy Holidays." Such was the beauty of tolerance: all faiths were able to be true to their origins while respecting their fellow humans' right to do the same.

We thought the War on Winter Solstice had ended in the fourth century. How wrong we were: it was merely dozing. Once again, it was those Christ Cultists that attacked. No longer content to share in this ancient celebration, they wanted to own it.

Now we once again find ourselves in the midst of battle. Seemeingly overnight, "Merry Christmas" has transformed from a genuine greeting of goodwill to a public proclamation of faith. Even in the most religiously diverse country on Earth, the Unites States, Christians are screaming for the elimination of all alternative celebrations. Indeed, they seem to be advocating the elimination of all differences.

Hey Christians! This time, their will be no assimilation. Let the war rage on. Humanity is tired of you and your destructive belief that love of your god is best expressed by purchasing more stuff you don't need as others go hungry. And you know something else? We outnumber you two-to-one. This is a war you cannot win.

Happy Winter Solstice! Express your thoughts on the season right here on December 25th when Nanovirus hosts the Carnival of the Godless Christmas Extravaganza!

Send your submissions to cotg-submission@brentrasmussen.com. In addition to writing "COTG Submission" in the subject of the email, please include the following information:

  • The name of the blog where the post is from
  • The post title
  • The post author's name or handle
  • The post's permanent link
  • A short description of the post


Blogger Electro said...

Well said, I do mean that, I am tired of people thinking that everyone should have to say merry Christmas to be correct at this time of year, my wife who is from China celebrates the spring festival Some refer to it as lunar new year or Chinese new year but in China it is called the spring festival and they also exchange gifts. So happy not so holy days to you Nanovirus and sorry you feel up in arms.

7:11 PM  
Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

Great article. I linked to you. Thanks for writing this.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Wabi-Sabi said...

Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw recently...

The Earth's Axis is the Reason for the Season

12:29 AM  
Anonymous sparkle said...

Great post*

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Term Papers said...

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12:16 AM  
Blogger Term Papers said...

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12:50 AM  

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 Today's quote: Fey

"A new study suggests that middle-aged adults who go on periodic drinking binges may face a heightened risk of dementia later on in life. The study is entitled, 'National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.'"

~ Tina Fey


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 Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

This explains a lot:
Last month, Republican Congressional leaders filed into the Oval Office to meet with President George W. Bush and talk about renewing the controversial USA Patriot Act.

Several provisions of the act, passed in the shell shocked period immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, caused enough anger that liberal groups like the American Civil Liberties Union had joined forces with prominent conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly and Bob Barr to oppose renewal.

GOP leaders told Bush that his hardcore push to renew the more onerous provisions of the act could further alienate conservatives still mad at the President from his botched attempt to nominate White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

"I don’t give a goddamn," Bush retorted. "I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way."

"Mr. President," one aide in the meeting said. "There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution."

"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back. "It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!"

The highest law in the land... the guarantor of our freedoms... it's just a goddam piece of paper. Bush should be tried for treason.


Blogger Electro said...

I'd be happy to see him behind bars

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to see him impeached, tried, convicted, and shot. I'd be willing to pull the trigger. And some assholes out there voted for him...some even twice! Now who's more stupid?

1:47 PM  
Blogger Nanovirus said...

Here is some followup.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i checked into this article. 2 of the three people that are the source fo this info were foudn out not to even be their. the third now wont comment if they were their either or if this was even said. bush woldnt ever say anythign like this.. i understand how a lot of ppl may not like bush, but being gulliable enough to beleive anythign someone full of hate makes up is just not very intelligent. thik about it. he woldn say something like that anyways. use your brain.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush quote: “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

Democracy and freedom: King George has ruled that freedom to peacefully assemble and protest against his war is a crime. The penalty is arrest and confiscation of property to be sold at public auction. (July 24 Pacific Free Press) The noose is around our neck criminals! (99% of the American people)
Get use to unconstitutional acts of oppression: net, mail, phone taps; undercover agents and spies (warning-the best way to defeat your opposition is to organize it yourself); hired harassers, bullies and no police protection. Overthrow of governments is the same thing over and over again; the only difference is it is now happening “live” in the U.S.A.
The lock-down has started. You will never see Freedom and Democracy again.
Under North America Union rule there will be the National Security Forces to deal with!

August Red Alert!!
August 20, the criminals are meeting in Montebello, Quebec to act on the plot to overthrow the U.S.A and destroy our Constitution.
Carry signs with Traitor, Impeach, or Treason printed on them. Wear something orange.
U.S. Army will surround Montebello for 30 mile radius.

Impeach Bush! -North America Union- is Treason! News snuffed, Secret deal!! U.S.A ends 2010.
Lying King George behind our backs and under the smoke of his own war has given the United States his legacy of Treason.
The North America Union is being implemented (fast track powers) without Congress consent or without any public vote or comment. North America Union replaces our Democratic Republic, United States of America; it will be fully implemented in 2010. When our soldiers come home from war, they will return to North America Union, not the United States of America, how are you going to explain that to them?
(Ah.-Commander Bush, our soldiers die for the U.S.A. and our Constitution which is the abode of our democracy and freedom. Do you know what Treason is?)
King George has ruled that the U.S.A be abolished!!
This is it folks, every American who has ever pledged their Allegiance to the Flag, every American who has pledged to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, has to step forward. Now!
Demand your elected representatives to control this dictator and to bring him and his conspirators to Justice for Treason.
Demand your Congress representatives to confirm their allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America. Mark any neo-con Republican or Democrat who side with Bush and his North American Union as Traitors and run them out of office!! Now!
July 4, 2007
-A Patriot’s Message- The hammer falls on the Constitution of the United States of America. Our freedom and Democracy, our sovereignty as a nation is coming to an end (2010).
The politically appointed neoconservatives in Justice sneer at Habeas Corpus; Geneva Convention; worker, consumer, investor and environment protection; education; affirmative action; individual rights and “entitlements” like Social Security and health care.
The corporate neo-con conspirators (Establishment) have their own agenda of a New World Order; W.T.O; N.A.F.T.A; N.A.U; immigration; globalization and “free trade”; military seizure of foreign oil fields (see Iraq oil “privatization”); employing a private army of mercenaries and propagandist; “dealing” with Afghanistan Opium drug lords in Helmund and Kandahar provinces (his home) harboring Osama Bin Laden and financing Al Qaeda.
The ideal corporate model is “Communism” where individual freedom and democracy are mute. The board of directors rule. The corporate neo-cons hate our regulatory government, Constitution and Individual Rights.
Our Federal Government is purposely bankrupt by war/trade debt and the ideal corporate nation, China, are carrying trillions of dollars of our debt. Communist China and their junior corporate American partner’s technically own the “U.S.A” resulting in “Globalization” and loss of sovereignty. Mission accomplished.
Wake up! What would your banker tell you if you miss your mortgage payment? Every American owes $350,000 in national debt. What will Communist China demand for payment? Slavery will be their answer.
The surge strategy is not to win the war but to pump oil and further indebt U.S.A to Communist China. Patriots, sign on! Impeach Bush, Cheney for Treason and nullify their Supreme Court appointments!

Lawrence Baker (your name)
(Your Congress representatives)
Sen. Boxer
Sen. Feinstein
Rep. Eshoo
All representatives- We are starting a list. I demand that you reaffirm your allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America and begin impeachment procedure against Bush, Cheney for Treason. If you do not, you will be branded a traitor. You’re either with U.S or against U.S.

Impeaching Bush, Cheney would not only save and cleanse the U.S.A but also bring our citizens together for what we really stand for as Americans. Once again Americans would have pride and respect for their country. Impeachment of these neo-con criminals would vindicate the U.S.A with the rest of the world.
If these evil criminals win, they rule with, slavery, secrecy, lies, fear, hate, torture, terror and violence.
Our Founding Fathers knew that this element would always try to destroy the U.S.A that is why we have a Constitution to keep this element in check. Bought Congress non-action is action.
After 2010, under N.A.U. rule (after the American people find out; neo-con corporate media guilty) there will be violence and rebellion which will play into their hands, evil thrives in that environment. (National Security Force, and Mexican or Chinese Army)
What about the economy? (shake, shake) our economy is already destroyed, the economy is an inside game. We can compete as Americans, after we purge our government of the “neo-con bought and paid for traitor politicians”; do not let their defeatist strategy scare you. We can do it! All we need is enough courage. If you act today, it will happen tomorrow! If you do nothing to stop this coup, you deserve a dictatorship.

6:02 PM  

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

 Today's quote: Voltaire

"It is not enough to conquer; One must know how to seduce."

~ Voltaire


Blogger Patrick Dugan said...

And so money proliferated and entrenched the world. Note that Voltaire made this statement on the cusp of the industrial revolution.

1:40 PM  

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 CIA prisons moved out of Europe

Two CIA secret prisons were operating in Eastern Europe until last month when they were shut down following Human Rights Watch reports of their existence in Poland and Romania:
Current and former CIA officers speaking to ABC News on the condition of confidentiality say the United States scrambled to get all the suspects off European soil before Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived there today. The officers say 11 top al Qaeda suspects have now been moved to a new CIA facility in the North African desert.

I'm sure that while they are there the prisoners will learn all about America's "culture of life."


Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

I'm definitely no fan of the Bush administration, but this takes the cake, for me. Every time I read about it, it still blows my mind that it didn't occur to anyone in the admin that perhaps building a detention center in Poland might be a bad idea.

Wonder how far, in kilometers, our camp was from Sobibor, Treblinka, and Auschwitz?

2:37 PM  
Blogger The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

Ack, I forgot Belzec, Poland. Apologies to the families and friends of the 600,000 who were sent to the camp there who never returned home.

Seriously, what were we thinking??

2:45 PM  

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Friday, December 02, 2005

 Today's quote: Gandhi

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth & love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it...always."

~ Mahatma Gandhi


Anonymous Telefo said...

That's a really truth.

And nice blog ;)

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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nontheistic community.

Thus far no members outside of America. Who's gonna be the first from the international community?

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Blogger Electro said...

I wonder do you consider me an enslaved thinker?

10:49 PM  
Blogger Nanovirus said...

Want me to post a poll? :)

7:56 AM  

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 Bush takes Cheney out of the loop on national security

This can only be a good thing:
The role of Vice President Dick Cheney as the administration's point man in security policy appears over, according to administration sources.

Over the last two months Mr. Cheney has been granted decreasing access to the Oval Office, the sources said on the condition of anonymity. The two men still meet, but the close staff work between the president and vice president has ended.


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Thursday, December 01, 2005

 Osama's message to Bush

After numerous rounds of "We don't even know if Osama is still alive," Osama himself decided to send the Chimperor a letter in his own handwriting to let Bush know he was still in the game. Bush opened the letter and it appeared to contain a single line of coded message: 370HSSV-0773H.

Bush was baffled, so he faxed it to Condi Rice. Condi and her aides had no clue either, so they sent it to the FBI. No one could solve it at the FBI so it went to the CIA, then to the NSA. With no clue as to its meaning they eventually asked Britain's MI-6 for help.

Within a minute MI-6 cabled the White House with this reply: "Tell the President he's holding the message upside down."

Tip o' the hat to my Dad for fowarding this to me!


Blogger Patrick Dugan said...

Is this a true story or a just a clever joke? If its the prior, well damn... looking foward to 2008.

1:39 PM  

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 Today's quote: Laplace

"Your Highness, I have no need of this hypothesis."

~ Pierre Laplace, to Napoleon on why his works on celestial mechanics make no mention of God.


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 Pharmacy disciplines pharmacists who balk at contraception

Walgreens says it has put four Illinois pharmacists in the St. Louis area on unpaid leave for refusing to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception:
The four cited religious or moral objections to filling prescriptions for the morning-after pill and "have said they would like to maintain their right to refuse to dispense, and in Illinois that is not an option," Walgreen spokeswoman Tiffani Bruce said....

The licenses of both a pharmacy and that store's chief pharmacist could be revoked if they don't comply with the Illinois rule, Bruce said....

I think this is entirely reasonable. If a person has moral objections to their job, then they should find another job. Contientious objectors, for example, don't refuse to fight a war after enlisting: they don't enlist in the first place. Moreover, Walgreen even gives them an out:

Walgreen policy says pharmacists can refuse to fill prescriptions to which they are morally opposed — except where state law prohibits — but they must take steps to have the prescription filled by another pharmacist or store, Bruce said.


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