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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

 Worst preznit EVAR

In the middle of the 57th month of his presidency, George W. Bush is like a Texas rancher who is trapped in the middle of his own pasture, but doesn't know it. He keeps insisting that he'll just put his best foot forward -- never noticing that he is surrounded by nothing but upturned rakes.

Time after time, he steps out firmly and boldly. Time after time, each rake's nameplate ends up imprinted on his forehead: Iraq. Afghanistan. Iran. Osama. Katrina. Rita. DeLay. Frist. Terrorists. Deficit. Abu Ghraib. Rummy. Cheney. FEMA. Jobs. Outsourcing. Pensions. Abortion. Enron. Halliburton. Social Security. Loose Nukes. Health Costs. Bio-terror. "Dirty" Bombs. Stem Cells. Global Warming. Troops Without Armor. Arab Oil. Record Oil Prices. Record Oil Company Profits. Rich Get Richer. Middle-Class Gets Poorer....

[A]t this date, George W. Bush's presidency looms so sadly as the worst of the modern era -- worse by far than Lyndon Johnson's presidency. He gave America a legacy of civil-rights legislation that ended our national shame, even as he gave us the escalation of the Vietnam War that became a national tragedy. Worse, too, than Richard Nixon's presidency _ he said he wasn't a crook, but was a proven criminal. Yet, Nixon was still a leader with global vision and domestic environmental accomplishment.

Go further back. Americans have had corrupt and inept presidencies such as Warren Harding's and Chester Arthur's. Yet they did little damage to the planet or its people. That cannot be said for today's incumbent.

The sad trajectory of this presidency is that George W. Bush could wind up as the worst president in U.S. history.


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