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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

 Welcome to reality

Via DailyKos:
The conservatives are starting to abandon the Good Ship Iraqipop because they now see that the fantasies they were told about flowers and chocolates are turning to dust.  And I have something to add. A very special message to you former neocon butt-swabbers:

Welcome to the reality-based world, kiddos. Welcome to the light of day. Welcome to Planet Earth. What took you so long?

While you guys were swallowing brain-altering Kool-Aid with flavors like "Significant Quantities of Uranium From Africa," "Mission Accomplished," "Turning A Corner" and "Last Throes," we were all sitting here doing everything we could to get you to drink the antidote. While you were busy parroting the Rove talking points with your big shiny bullhorns, we were busy giving you the facts on the ground. Well, I'm glad you finally see that 1+1 does, indeed, equal 2, not 3. Hip Hip hooray.

But before you begin your difficult (impossible?) task of convincing the hardcore knuckledraggers on your team that our job in Iraq is just about as done as it can be, take one more look in your rear-view mirror. Survey the carnage that your cheerleading contributed to. Go ahead and hurl your breakfast all over your keyboard...you'll feel better afterwards.


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