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Thursday, July 21, 2005

 Rightwing bullying cowards

The Rev. Mykeru does a smackdown on a fighting keyboarder and follows up with some dead-on analysis:
Nothing inspires such fear and anger in the right wing, from the top politicians and pundits down to the peasant pikemen, like the prospect of people on the left who are simply sick of their shit and willing to fight back, both in words, fists and if the right should ever try to make their "liberal hunting" a reality, with bullets.

Can you see parallels between cowardly net bullies like Steve Crager who can't seem to work up any personal courage when their own ass is on the line and a Commander-in-Chief who has sent thousands to their deaths and brought death to thousands more and yet couldn't work up the balls to serve in combat when he had the chance to fight a war he supported or bother to show up for the National Guard service that kept him out of combat? Yet he actively smeared political opponents who did serve in combat and have the missing limbs to prove it. How about the Young Republicans cheerleading a war in which thousands of innocents have died for no reason other than right wing muscle flexing that serves no legitimate strategic purpose, provided their ignorant, entitled asses don't have to fight it. Serving one's country in time of war is obviously an honor reserved for "little people". How about an administration that claims keeping the American people safe is job one, and yet compromises national security by outing a CIA agent working on WMD and the CIA front company she worked for, in order to discredit a critic in the most underhanded and cowardly manner? The list of right wing bullying is long and ignominious, from rounding up people at random and imprisoning them without due process to Fox News assholes cutting off the microphones of critics who get the better of them, and examples of their hypocrisy and overwhelming cowardice is even longer.

The lunatic right wing, from the top to the bottom, the politicians, the pundits and the tools who follow them, are mean, vicious, unprincipled and, when anyone bothers to stand against them and call bullshit, as yellow as a stream of piss.


Anonymous manxome said...

Sorry, I'm unimpressed when it's reduced to, as it usually is, two males competing to see who can say "pussy" more times.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Rev. Mykeru said...

I find it sad that that's all you got out of it. I hope your hip ennui improves.

7:56 AM  

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