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Thursday, June 02, 2005

 The Nixon effect

Regarding "Deep Throat," the always poetic Rude Pundit nails it:
Nixon knows that his contempt for the truth has become de rigeur for this White House, and he knows that if he had been born into wealth... he would have gotten away with it. The apparatuses of cover-up would have been in place a long, long time before he ever stepped his shit-covered foot onto the Presidential Seal on the carpet in the Oval Office. And he knows... that if the media had been then the way it is now, there's no fuckin' way two nobody reporters with anonymous sources and hippie hair would have been believed.... They'd've sliced and diced Woodward and Bernstein until "traitor" was the only word that stuck.

[Nixon's] crimes are but pallid antecedents to the crimes that are going on now, crimes for which no one will ever be punished.


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