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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

 Murderous christian

Here are the words of a man who was elected the president of Christ Lutheran Church council after 30 years in church leadership:
"I told Mrs. Vian that I had a problem with sexual fantasies and I was going to tie her up and may that I might have to tie the kids up. And if she would cooperate with us — cooperate with me at that time. We went back. She was extremely nervous. I think she even smoked a cigarette. And we went back to one of the back areas of the porch, explained that I had done this before."

"So anyway, we went back to her bedroom. And I proceeded to tie the kids up and they started crying and got real upset, so I said, oh, this is not going work. So we moved them to the bathroom. She helped me. And then I tied the door shut. We put toys and blankets and odds and ends in there for the kids, to make them as comfortable as we could. We tied the — we tied one of the bathroom doors shut so they couldn’t open it, and we shoved — she went back to help me shove a bed up against the other bathroom door. And then I proceeded to tie her up. She got sick and threw up. I got her a glass of water, comforted her a little bit and then I went ahead and tied her up and put a bag over her head and strangled her."

~ Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer, who plead guilty to 10 counts of 1st degree murder.


Blogger Angie said...


Yeah, funny how you don't see atheists in the news for killing huh?

Or raping.

Or molesting.

Or hell anything of any sick nature like that.

5:40 PM  

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