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Friday, May 13, 2005

 Only sluts get mono

Two stories from the "They will know we are christians by our love" department:

First, "Indiana Jury Convicts Couple Accused of Letting Newborn Die:"
FRANKLIN, Ind. (AP) - A couple who rejected medical intervention for their ailing newborn daughter, choosing prayer as the only treatment, were convicted of reckless homicide Thursday.

Second, "Girl singled out for mono sues teachers:"

Mononucleosis, the class was told, is a disease that "whores" get.

Former students at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School say that was part of a lesson given by a teacher who disclosed a student's case of mono and explained it was spread by "sexually active girls."...

[English teacher Judy] Neary led a class discussion about Alvarado, telling them the "number one" group to get mononucleosis was "sexually active girls."...

More classes heard the same lecture from Neary, it says, including a discussion about whom Alvarado was friends with and sleeping with.


Blogger Electro said...

I am against what those parents did but aren't you the hipocrit. When it came to Terri her husband could refuse her everything including food and water. How do you look in the mirror and not wonder why there are two faces there?

3:07 PM  
Blogger Nanovirus said...

Electrician Boy:

I can always count on you to sidestep an issue in favor of a personal attack.

I don't see any hypocrisy. An animated corpse with a liquified cerebral cortex is not a person. A child is.

If current medical science defines death as brain death, Ms. Schiavo died many, many years ago.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Electro said...

Funny her parents thought of her as a person, but I quess in one case you care what the parents think and in another you don't. don't read me wrong I am glad that those folks in Franklin were found guilty. So answer me this: Is a child a person when his/her head is out of the birth canal but the rest of his/her body is not?

8:36 AM  

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