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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

 Helicopters, armored shock troops deployed against peaceful protesters

The major media won't report how the inaugural was like a giant funeral:
The vibe throughout Pennsylvania Ave. was downright funereal; Bush’s supporters appearing even more defeated and depressed than any of the protesters. My theory is that they didn’t fully realize just how nerve-wracking and demeaning the checkpoints would be ("Buh-buh-but we’re the GOOD guys! Why are you treating US like potential terrorists?!?!" Welcome to the Brave New World, sweetie-pie.) I was reminded of footage I’d seen of peasants in any random banana republic dutifully and joylessly lining the streets as el presidente drove through.

Nor would it report that later it turned bloody:

"We are peaceful!" I shouted. "We are non-violent!" An officer very calmly and deliberately walked up to us, extended his baton, and with all his strength smashed it against the face of the fellow to my right. If you’ve never heard the sound of a billy-club collide with a person’s skull, it is one of most disturbing noises you’re likely to ever hear. It isn’t so much of a crack, really. More of a crunch and a squish. The guy crumbled to the ground beside me spilling puddles of blood all over the sidewalk.... Apparently these cops had been training for the arrival of al qaeda, and when they didn’t show this collection of young American would-be radicals would have to suffice....

Like being trapped in an out-take from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, I watched as well-dressed yuppie couples exited their nightspots and dance clubs and walked out onto blood stained sidewalks into the war zone, obliviously chatting away about meaningless trivial bullshit as people lay cuffed on the streets, helicopters slashed open the air above, and armored shock troops lined the sidewalks.

Welcome to George W. Bush's Amerikkka. You reap what you sow.


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