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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

 Right-wing radicals teaching kids to hate with music

This is so disturbing on so many levels. Echoing the hatred that pours out of the mouths of the rightwingnut media, a South St. Paul, Minnesota firm's mission is to create racists:
Byron Calvert... runs Panzerfaust Records, a five-year-old company that has quickly become one of the top "white power" record labels in the country.... In September he launched Project Schoolyard, a plan to snag kids 13 to 19 by distributing 100,000 free CDs of such bands as Day of the Sword, H8 Machine and Final War. Calvert cares less about the melody than the message. "We hook 'em with the music," he says, and then kids learn—and buy—more online. As his Web site declares, "We don't just entertain racist kids, we create them!"...

The CDs have started to find their way into schools in smaller towns around the country. In rural Madison, W.Va., a pair of twentysomething kids clad in black silently handed out CDs to middle- and high-school students as they stepped off their buses one morning.

Like I need another thing to worry about for my kids.


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