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Thursday, November 04, 2004

 What the rest of the world thinks about the election

Official statements, of course, are full of ass-kissing. But the view from the street is more forthright. For example, from the Globe and Mail:
"I had previously told my friends that I support the American people but that I do not support their leader, who they did not truly choose and who did not represent their beliefs," a Parisian student said on Radio France last night.

"Now I understand that there is truly unity in their beliefs, and I am not so confident about America."
Arabs are in shock, and pissed:
"The American people approve the actions of this pig," said one.

"They want war and we are ready," said another, "Muslims living over there (in the United States) must leave quickly."

"Enough of the defeatists' lie that there are innocent people in America," wrote another.

"The United States is beating the war drums. This will be World War Three. So, get ready for war," said another, signing himself Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian-born militant believed to be Al-Qaeda's chief operative in Iraq.
Turkey's Milliyet:
The American voters found the "danger" of gay marriages or the expansion of adoption more important than the soldiers being killed in Iraq. Mostly, the white conservatives of the American rural areas voted for the "tough cowboy from Texas". The youth vote in the port cities, the women, the Hispanics, the blacks were not sufficient for a change. Fear has won. The world has lost.
Finally, from Russia's Nezavisimaya Gazeta:
[T]he victory of militant Republicanism which rules America, bearing in mind our psychological dependence on the USA (although we try not to admit to it) will inevitably induce new anti-liberal tendencies in our country.


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