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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

 Positive versus negative campaigning

I hear many politicians talking about how much the American people hate negative campaigning. Personally, I've never cared that much. Yes, it would be preferable if candidates simply presented themselves and their credentials, instead of making sport of tearing down their opponent, but I'm never going to vote against someone because of the manner in which they campaign.

For example, here is a current screen capture of the Kerry and Bush websites, respectively. Notice how the Bush team, with no record to run on, must resort to attacking Kerry. What bothers me isn't the negativity, but that our president has no record on which to run. You'd think that after nearly four years the most powerful man in the world could compose a reelection theme that amounts to something more substantive then "Kerry sucks."

Of course, if Kerry does win, it will all be because of Lyndon LaRouche (NOT).


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