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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

 Season's Greed-ings!

A special message, from Max Affluence, billionaire:

Fellow plunderers,

As the year draws to a close and the holidays arrive, we at Billionaires For Bush like to look back at the good times we·ve had, and count our blessings -- which, in our case, are so numerous as to be almost embarrassing -- but not quite.

** It's a Class War, and We·re Really Winning! **

$ Congress practices innovative form of fiscal "discipline": slashing programs for the poor to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy!

In a brave simulacrum of leadership, our legislators in Congress stripped funding from services for students, the elderly and the poor in order to provide even more tax cuts and giveaways to the super-rich. "Mom and Pop" mega-corporations like Wal-Mart and Bechtel get a share of the loot, and Christmas will also bring greater legal protections for giant pharmaceutical companies! Merck execs, go here to find out more.

$ What do you give the industry that has everything? How about acres and acres of irreplaceable pristine wilderness?

The original bill giving Big Oil carte blanche to drill in the National Artic Wildlife Refuge didn't survive a direct vote in the Senate, but don't count us out yet-- there's a little stocking stuffer in the Defense Appropriations Bill! More oil profits for us, and we get to jettison the old ball and chain of representative democracy at the same time. Wash that poison pill down with a big gulp of nog, senators! Oligarchs, go here for more info, and don't forget to reserve your official White House caribou-skin coat compliments of ExxonMobil today.

** Looks like it'll be a Happy New Year after all -- for some of us, anyway.**

$ Tell your legislators how good "Corporate Shill" looks on their resumes!

Public servants, indentured servants- everyone likes a little holiday gratitude. Call your legislators today to thank them for doing so much for so few at the expense of so many. Be sure to tell them their elite constituents are grateful for their support, and that in return they'll have the very vocal and very visible support of the Billionaires For Bush come next November! To whom shall we make out those campaign checks? Go here for contact info and more details.

$ Also keep in mind that November of 2006 is just around the corner.

Remember, plutocrats, elections don't just rig themselves! To get more involved in our 2006 campaign, email Ivy@BillionairesForBush.com.

$ Holiday Indictment Blues Got You Down? Try These Remedies!

** From Holiday Spectaculars to Billionaire Caroling to the Mockumentary, B4B knows how to raise your spirits!**

$ We Billionaires have kept up our endeavors on the culture front in this last quarter.

Don't miss our special Christmas episode of The Big Business Minute, featuring a medley of Billionaire carols from DICK CHENEY'S HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2005! (a smash hit in NYC for the second year running) performed live by members of the Billionaire Follies. Watch Them Now!. While you're there, throw a few scraps to the hoi polloi and support independent media with a donation to I.N.N. And don't forget to catch up on all the archived episodes, including a new year-in-review clip show!

The Big Business Minute: Where the Free Market Runs Wild!

$ Share the Greed, Not the Wealth.

We've discovered a truly delightful way to share our glee this holiday season without opening our wallets to charity: Billionaire Caroling! Why not try it yourself? Sheet music for several of the carols can be found on our website, or email Follies@BillionairesForBush.com for a full songbook.

$ And stay tuned for screenings of "Get on the Limo!"

Oddly Honest Production's new mockumentary featuring the Billionaires for Bush is coming to a city near you in 2006! Go watch the trailer (Site requires Flash Player 8), then email Monet@BillionairesForBush.com
to get involved and screen this film at your yacht club today!

$ In closing, we wish you all the joys of the season that only extreme wealth can bring, and hope that you and yours will continue to support our efforts to beat democracy at its own game.

We leave you with the timeless lyrics of "O Come Ye Investors:"

O come let us exploit them,
O come let us exploit them,
O come let us exploit them,
Because we can!

From all of us at Billionaires For Bush,



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