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Thursday, September 30, 2004

 Rapper "50 Billion" tours Florida to "Block the Vote"

While most billionaires were sunbathing in the Bahamas, negotiating weapons contracts at the RNC, and pooling $2000 checks for the CEO dream team, Felonius Ax and hip-hop mogul 50 Billion were hard at work in the studio engingeering new weapons of musical manipulation. Now Billionaires for Bush is proud to unveil the latest product of this collaboration: the "Billionaires Are In The House" music video, featuring 50 Billion, and his new hit single, "Don't Vote!"

Tell your friends!

On October 3, 50 Billion and Felonius Ax will kick off a four-week limo tour through the state of Florida, where slight modifications (heh heh) to the voting results can swing the election in our favor. Beginning in Tampa, 50 Billion and his crew will tour Florida with his new hit single, exploiting the political power of hip-hop to encourage youth to leave the voting to us. After all, too many gangster-rappers at the polls would perturb our comfortable headlock on political power!

Help fund our Florida limo tour!

As part of our new "Block the Vote!" campaign, the Florida tour will relentlessly counter-protest the efforts of organizations like CODE PINK, The League Of Pissed-Off Voters and Power On! to mobilize the youth vote. They will also join Florida Billionaires to bring proper recognition to Geroge W. Bush, the best president money can buy!


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